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This passionate girl is a blogging freak. I write persuasive and meaningful content to help new learners achieve their blogging goals. I help new & aspiring bloggers start their own blogs, and generate an income. My blog is more focused on blogging tips and latest strategies to grow online biz and blogs. To receive instant tweets and tips, follow me on Twitter . Let's Chat!

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  1. Lisa Sicard says

    Thanks Arffa, when I first started blogging almost a decade ago I never added any call to actions. I’d say it’s only been the last 2-3 years that I have added them. Duh! Right? It really does help to generate leads and sales. I didn’t want to come across salesy but I only add them in near the bottom of the post 95% of the time.
    Thanks for sharing these tips with us and a have a great day!

  2. Cynthia J. Coleman says

    Hi Arfa, these are excellent points. I find that updating a post is great for the times when you haven’t blogged in a while and are stuck for ideas. I’ve been aiming to post at least once a week. I also try to update posts that may not have gotten much attention the first time. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Folajomi Ballo says

    Hi Arfa,
    What a lovely piece I just read.
    Evergreen content should be the target of every blogger. Although, we might take advantage of the latest trending, but everlasting content would keep the revenue, subscribers, and buyers flowing in.

    Good job Arfa, tweeting this with immediate effect,

    Cheers, Folajomi

  4. Hari Mohan Sharma says

    Hi Arfa!
    Thanks for sharing a topic that struggling bloggers like me need. It is indeed a challenge for most of the bloggers to create content that converts. This post has come as a help for us. I appreciate your deep and clear understanding of the subject.
    To add further, I have subscribed to your email list.

  5. Porshaa | Lifetimeinflux says

    Hi Arfa,

    This is an amazing post with informative information. Evergreen content is a brilliant idea to help your blog grow.

    Also congrats on your new Ebook, I can’t wait for the day I publish my own because it is a massive achievement.

    I will definitely be using some of the strategies you have mentioned for my blog and use it to create content that stays relevant.

  6. Asad Hanif says

    Hey Arfa,

    Amazing and very useful tips, and in my opinion these days these 3 things works eye catchy and meaningful headings, engaging content, and strong call to actions.

  7. Nirodha Abayalath says

    Hey Arfa,
    Thanks for these very helpful tips. I didn’t think enough about adding click to action on my blog. It might be the reason for low conversion rate right?
    And, after reading this article I installed a “Table of Content” plugin on my blog too.
    Thanks again.

  8. Shawn says

    Hi Arfa, yea, posting evergreen content is good, but as Google keeps innovating, I believe that once in a while, we need to somehow update/refresh old content that we posted on our blogs, especially those with higher rankings. Cheers.

  9. Gaurav Kumar says

    Hi Arfa,

    The first step to make sure that you content convert is by understanding the user intent and customer personas. Your keyword research and SEO strategies should also be based on the experience that you have gathered by engaging with customers and by answering their queries.

    Once you understand what your customer wants, then you can create the content that ensures maximum conversion.

    Also, make sure that you analyze the result of yoru efforts.

    Glad you have shared these tips!

    • Arfa Nazeer says

      Thank you for adding your insights here, Gaurav! I do agree with understanding your audience persona and user intent. It’s important knowing what your audience want and then, how are you going to convert your users.

      Well, analyzing the results is another important most people skip and never pay attention to.


  10. Nikola Roza says

    Hi Arfa,
    congrats on your first ebook:) It’s a true milestone for you and the topic is excellent. Creating evergreen content has never been more important now that there’s more than ever content online.
    The key to success in Google is to create content that will never expire and then to build link to it until it ranks.
    And keeping evergreen helpful content ranked is a piece of cake:)

    • Arfa Nazeer says

      Hi Nikola!

      Thank you so much. AGREE TO ALL OF WHAT YOU SAID ABOVE! Creating the evergreen content and then, ranking it on Google is what most successful bloggers and businesses aim for. Yes, I truly believe in creating content that never get expired and that’s what clicked me write a whole ebook explaning evergreen content creation, and strategies to convert those blog posts for lifetime.

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